Wednesday, January 12, 2011


January morning finds great light as street art peeks around corners and wakes the neighborhood. Detail is nice if you want to left-click, either once or twice. The color is alive and the grain of brick and surfaces used in these pieces has texture and grit.  
                                        Reptilian Heritage

                                    Wandering eye..

 Ranches, fruit orchards, packing houses, the legacy of the Pomona Valley.

               When the back of a bar looks better than the front of the place, that should tell you something. And this is the back, or side door.

                                      Let's be kids again...


Timecheck said...

Clearly Art with a capital A. Is this sponsored in some way, or stealth art?

Kurt Taylor said...

I think it's commissioned; some on tile in frames, but it's all part of downtown, unlike the 'graffiti' like scenes in the other posts.