Sunday, February 7, 2010


Already I'm suffering from a Super Bowl hangover, and the game's barely over.  How's that?  While I love football--college bowl games are tops, no BCS playoffs for me--the Super Bowl means the end of the season, the page turns, mid-year NBA and that's no party.  March Madness?  More sadness.  And on it goes. 
Here's the cure; local SoCal sports values.  They start in February and go through April. By then, it's baseball season and all is well. 
So where, you say, to hang?  What to do besides pool halls and fantasy baseball drafts? 
Listen closely.  Coming soon, my best local sports values. 
Hints?  No golf, no skiing, no running along the beach.  These are real events in real venues, places to go where you may not have been.  Stretch the dollar like the old days.  No bowling (although 'dat's a good one', Arnold sez).  Nah, no arm wrestling joints or skateboard parks.  These are sure winners, bang-for-the-buck places where you watch the real deal. 
Might need a folding chair, a back rest, a blanket or some field glasses.  You got dat dere, right?  Thought so. 
Hang tight, coming your way;  The best sports values in Southern California and it's all yours for one low price. Thought that would grab you.
Hey, tickets are your problem.  I tell you where it is, your job to get there, get in, strap on.
Stay tuned..

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mendoman said...

Sounds good to me...just so long as you're not the scalper...