Thursday, May 2, 2013


I'm putting the final touches on the 2-door coupe with a big blown six and it runs real smooth. Tires are not bad and maybe new ones might make it run a little better. Needs shocks I'm pretty sure. It's got less than 30,000 miles, smoke grey with a brushed cloth interior, black. A/C's no good. We'll get it squared away.

'Got a little throttle play,' and she leaned inside and played with the wheel. 'Get that Momo racing wheel put in there and run it down to Durango.'
Like Durango is some ten minute ride to the corner store.
'Do it, Durango and back, I'll have the ribs just the way you like them.' She always had the charcoal all nice and hot.
It was midnight when I got back and she was gone. In the morning I pulled into the gas station and the big round thermometer disc stuck on the office window said 99F. At 8:30 AM.
So I put gas in to top if off and I kept on driving.


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