Monday, March 11, 2013

 ...where I live it's warm and we lack assertive boulevards and we don't walk in the rain with felt hats anymore, we don't wear good leather shoes and overcoats because we don't have to but want to, so we look to the retro-past for scenes and visions like these. at least I do.
there's cheesecake in there somewhere, just
down the sidewalk out of the rain and it's warm and the glass counter top glows and it's full of creme-filled pastries and the smell of strong fresh coffee and chocolate cake swirls around the place.  
downtown where I am a jazz bar with all kinds of sixties art work like this has draft beer and kids try and look that used to be called sidewalk art or tourist art or the art your parents brought back from Europe folded up in brown wrapping paper and made you want to go to Paris and see the real thing somewhere in a night-stall on the Seine...

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