Friday, February 3, 2012


Stigma, Juan and the boys have a new installation on the wall in Pomona. I go by there every few months to see what they're up to. This morning, I came across remarkable new large-scale art on the wall next to the auto wrecking yard, south of the railroad tracks. 
The wall is close to a hundred yards long, eight or nine feet high, completely covered in vibrant, striking art that is alive and ever-changing.  Anyone can stop by, the open-air gallery is on the street. 

I was talking with a friend the other evening about art, scale, and the difference in what you see in art book reproductions of Masters from the Renaissance, the modernists, impressionists and abstract impressionists. What is lacking in the book prints is scale. 


The works are seven and eight feet high, fifteen feet long. See them up close and you can inspect the level of detail, see how the artist has to stand back frequently to get proportion and perspective.  The face of the woman in the image above is around six feet tall. Notice the fire hydrant in one shot that acts as a scale reference.
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