Friday, June 17, 2011


           The rejection yesterday ‘was as positive as any I’ve ever seen’ my editor told me.  ‘Seriously’.  She said ‘Please sent the manuscript out to more agents’. She underlined the word ‘Please’.  She’s been very encouraging.  The agent, a serious, big named agent, had the manuscript for a month and I’d emailed a note last week to get a status update.  I don’t have a huge collection of rejection slips, but it was polite and he had some nice things to say.
     Twenty-four hours later, I’m still kind of emotionally drained.  I’m supposed to go to a movie screening tonight in Hollywood.  A friend of mine works for a television distribution company and she invited me.  I could talk about my really positive rejection notice, to any one who would want to listen to something like that.  Over drinks before the screening, during the host-bar reception.  
     I’ll check on my wardrobe, see what I have.  Maybe a foam green Tommy Bahama and cool jeans.  Maybe a pair of slacks with black leather zip boots and a tan linen shirt. 
     ‘Guido’.  That’s the title of the film.  Armande Assante, Gary Busey.  I doubt that they’ll be there. 
     The hawks have been shrieking outside all day, but I can’t see him now.  Earlier he was perched way up on top of the big tree, twenty yards away, but when I went to get my camera, he was gone. 
     Take a shower, dress up real good, go down to Hollywood and check out the movie.  
     It’s Friday.  Good night to hit a couple of bars and have cocktails.  In my Tommy Bahama and cool jeans and my rejection email that was really very positive.

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Olivia said...

I know you heard these words from me before... but... why don't you self publish... I am meeting more and more people who go this route - and they are so very happy they took it :-)... I will design your book's cover and use some of your amazing pictures...

Cheers (adriana)