Monday, November 8, 2010


I was uptown one day...facing the rain
When the doctor came by...took away the pain
Said to me, 'Son, hey, don't you know the way?"
I said no, not today...seems I'm lost this day
 On and On, that's like it goes
 On and On, I have these woes
I was in a chain link court
'Bout midway in
A shooter appeared,
He said 'Damn, look at him'
He took his old basketball, dribbled then dunked
Me? Man, I hardly saw it...'cause I was too drunk
 On and On, every day
 On and On,  'Let it play'
Finally one day the sun was so high
I looked up and saw, what I knew was a lie
Man came by and said 'Hey, Don't you know..
Up here, someday...that wind won't blow'
 On and on, every day now
 On and on, that's what I know
 On and on, feelin' so fine
 On and on, just walkin' that line..
On a split rail fence...just around noon
Saw a red tail hawk soar...headin' for the moon
Knew that day what I think about now
Not a day goes by...that I don't know how
 On and by day
 On and on...let it light my way
All that pain...taken away from me
Found out it is to be free
 On and on...a new day goes past
 On and on...Lord--make it last...

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