Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Back Abbey - Claremont, CA


The Back Abbey no longer qualifies as a 'find', since it's the worst kept secret in Claremont by now.  For good reason.  While tucked away behind the Laemmle Theaters in the new western addition of the Claremont Village, the Abbey is small, dark and noisy inside, with an outside patio of vintage seating scammed from a bus station, oh, probably somewhere near Amarillo. It works.
Burgers are generous six oz. patties of what appears to be fresh ground beef with enough choices of fixings to bring it  home no matter where you're from.  I'm partial to bacon and cheese, so I order the Back Abbey.  (It's easy to remember).
Noon time beers aren't for me, but there's a decent selection and the service is attentive and informed.
Evenings feature the atmospheric bus station
patio-vibe and if you've got a ticket to ride, get along, dude.  But have a burger first, before you board.
The Claremont West Village has some attitude going, so get yours fixed with a shot of Back Abbey cool.

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