Monday, May 31, 2010


Short, round, wide flat nose in the middle of his puffy shiny face,
Thin whiskers pointing in every direction,
This man...
Scrubbing his hands in the restroom with a lot of water, yanking paper towels from the dispenser. . .more paper towels and he wiped his hands with them.
More towels, furiously rubbing--
He ripped four or five more paper towels...opened the door and left the restroom.
Outside he was squeezing the paper towels in his left hand talking to a friend and laughing.
Later he was looking at sex videos next to the Drama section--nothing I haven't done 
Thumbing through racks of sex videos--
While I was torn between. . .Double Indemnity with Barbara Stanwyck . . .Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges 
Where did the wax-like puffy man ditch his paper towels? I think.  
His sterilized hands.
I bought Crazy Heart, wondered where the man was going,
If he bought any videos.
And where he dumped the paper towels.

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