Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Across the street the small boy ran 
from his house,
Calling out,
I heard him--
'Mommy, I'm scared'
I heard him--
'What's going to happen?'
Like a hundred children,
Supermarket children wanting candy
Playground children whining on a slide,
Mall children tugging big hands to toy sections and
how many children's voices sound that way?  
Cop cars pulled up, 
Screeching to angled stops,
the man sitting on the front lawn
hands around his knees,
Cops surrounding, looking down,
The child looking back,
But he was walking away.
The angry man yelling at the woman with the small child,
Yelling 'Are you going to call...?' and it was someone's name
The big cop turned
from the sidewalk
and said 'That's enough'
And the man held his hand to his head.


Sextonesque said...

Nice! A poignant, moving piece. Definitely feels "here." An I.E. observational nugget for sure! We need and miss you Mondays:)

mendoman said...

Your voice is gaining strength and clarity. Keep it coming!